Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cosmeticus Interruptus: Favorite Discontinued Products

Some of my blogger sisters are cruel vixens, teasing us with their weekly or monthly articles, which showcase the beautiful products we can't have because those products were either limited edition or have been discontinued.

We've all been there. Raise your hand if you've loved a product—even repurchased it—and then the rug was pulled out from under you when the powers that be decided that product wasn't worth keeping on the shelves. One of the worst feelings was showing up at the counter to buy a refill of something and find out it was gone. Such a trip to the counter was how I discovered Prescriptives was about to be dropped as a brand, and I made a mad search for the last remaining Mushroom and Rose Powder eyeshadows.

You certainly heard (or felt) my wail of agony reverberate around the globe, when I discovered that Laura Mercier had not only discontinued my favorite red lipstick—ever—but that it had been pulled off the shelves and was gone, truly gone, from all department stores. As is, not even on eBay or or ACW or at any of the other usual suspects. That's just mean!

Therefore, I thought I would pay tribute to the dearly departed, not to tease you, but to honor those items that so bravely went before the current lineups ... and, perhaps, send good juju vibes out into the universe, hoping these items miraculously make it back into the brands' regular lineup, if only by the sheer force of my will.
  • Prescriptives Lavish Lipstick, Rosemarine—discontinued years before Px pulled out retail stores, this color is the most gorgeous blue-based semi-matte rose with subtle brown undertones. I have been wearing this color since 1989, and I love it so much I had it duplicated at 3CC. I know Prescriptives will never bring it back; they haven't introduced a new color since they removed their physical presence from department stores, a stupid move, in my opinion.
  • Chantecaille Lasting Eye Shade, Agate—medium-toned, smoky, dusty-grey lavender.
  • Laura Mercier Matte Eye Colour, Margaux—silky grey-plum goodness with a smidgen of brown undertone, but not enough to make me look diseased. Such a gorgeous, basic shade; why take it away, Laura, when your permanent line has so few neutral colors for we cool-toned women.
  • Laura Mercier Sateen Eye Colour, Orchid—a beautiful, glowy purple that applies bright but settles into skin to look like the prettiest shadows from your face, lending a vulnerable Edwardian appeal.
  • Laura Mercier Sateen Eye Colour, Sparkling Dew—the satin version of Morning Dew. This color seems to come out only in collections. I am not sure why LM removed it from the permanent  line, but I would rather have my eye wash colors in a satin finish instead of matte.
  • Laura Mercier Gel Lip Colour, Sweet Cherry—as mentioned above, too pretty for words. Sheer, juicy blue red. THE perfect red to wear during the day, even hot summer days outside in full sun. I have now reached a point where I am digging the last bits out of the tube with a lip brush.
  • Chantecaille Brilliant Lip Gloss, Allure—pigmented-but-sheer cool raspberry, which feels more like liquid lipstick than gloss. This color can still be found, but not at, which tells me it will meet the same fate as their aquablush.
  • Chanel Glossimer, Venus 124—sheer, hot pink with shimmers that brings out my inner Barbie, not that I have one. Really. It's more a preppy pink, and I do have those roots.

There are, no doubt, others I miss, but the above items are the colors/formulas I miss the most.

And there's something else I miss, so please indulge me in a mini rant. I doubt any of us could take issue with the improvements made to the texture of makeup over the last decade. Lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, and eye/lip pencil formulas have made leaps and bounds over some of the stiff, hard, dry, draggy stuff I bought in the 80s, but I find myself missing the days when I could count on my favorite brands carrying basic colors season after season. Obviously they had to phase out poor sellers while they rotated new colors in, but I doubt individual items sold so poorly when there were fewer options all around—from within their own brand and across brands (much less competition before the mid 90s). Moreover, those brands did not introduce the collection-of-the-month the way they do today—purposely not manufacturing enough in order to drive sales into a fevered pitch and/or sell out as quickly as possible—and then yanking the rug out from under our feet. B O R I N G. 

I don't know about the rest of you, but I often find the assault of new collections to be rather tiresome. Why the frantic pace, oh You Big Brands? Isn't the free advertising you get from beauty bloggers helping to push your sales into the stratosphere? I adore my makeup but sometimes too many choices can feel overwhelming.

What are your favorite discontinued products?

Meanwhile, I shall leave you with a pretty picture from a couple weeks ago, which is definitely something you can't have, as the "leaf peeping" season has passed where I love. Hurricane Sandy rudely and violently sucked the last of the leaves off the trees, anyway. 

Al photos taken by me